In general, you are eligible for health and welfare benefits if you are a regularly scheduled employee working 30 or more hours per week. If you are working less than 30 hours per week, you are not eligible for health and welfare benefits; however, you may be eligible for medical benefits if you are considered a full-time employee in accordance with the eligibility requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Dependent Eligibility

When you enroll in benefits, you can cover yourself and eligible members of your family.

Eligible dependents include your:

  • Spouse1 (legally married, including common law spouse as determined under applicable state law)
  • Domestic partner (subject to receipt and approval of the Affidavit of Domestic Partnership)
  • Child(ren) up to age 26: biological child(ren), adopted child(ren) (including child(ren) placed for adoption), stepchild(ren) or child(ren) for whom you have legal guardianship
  • Disabled dependent2 child(ren) who are older than age 26 (must be covered under the plan before age 26 and qualify as your financial dependent)

1 Any reference to “spouse” is inclusive of an eligible domestic partner, and any reference to “child(ren)” includes those of an eligible domestic partner.

2If the child meets the criteria for a disabled child, but you did not apply for coverage within 30 days of the onset of your child’s disability because you were not employed with the Company at that time, or your child had coverage under another parent’s medical plan, you must apply for coverage upon employment with the Company or within 30 days of your child’s loss of coverage under the other parent’s medical plan.

If you are adding a dependent, you must provide proof of the dependent’s eligibility to Mercer Marketplace’s dedicated Transamerica Benefits Center within 31 days of submitting your election. When you complete your enrollment, a notice may be sent to you with direction on submitting dependent verification. We recommend that you refer to the Mercer Marketplace 365+ website after you enroll or contact Mercer Marketplace by phone for information on what is required. You will have 31 days from the date of enrollment to provide the documentation. You can send it to the Transamerica Benefits Center at:

  • Email: MercerMarketplace.BenefitCenter@mercer.com
    Preferred subject line: {Employee Name}, {Employer}, Verification Documentation
  • Fax Number: 515-365-4364
  • Mailing address: Transamerica Benefits Center, PO Box 14501, Des Moines, IA 50306-3501

It may take up to 10 business days to process your dependent verification after documentation has been received.