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How to access the Mercer Marketplace 365+ website

You can enroll in benefits through the Mercer Marketplace 365+ website.

Enter benefits.transamerica.com in your browser window.

  • If you are connected to the network, it won’t be necessary to enter additional credentials.
  • If you’re not connected to the network, you’ll need to enter your network username, password and domain. Most employees will enter “US” as the domain (Corporate Center will use “DS”).

Please note: If you’re part of the Transamerica Agency Network, you’ll be required to enter your credentials regardless of whether you are connected to the network or not, enter the same ID and password you use for ePortal and Integrity Ed, and enter “US” as the domain.

During your benefits enrollment, you'll use Mercer Marketplace 365+, our online benefits platform, to enroll in:

Enrolling is easy

Once logged in, follow the on-screen prompts to enroll into your benefits. As you go through the Mercer Marketplace 365+ site, you will see the coverage details and costs for each plan clearly displayed in your shopping cart. When you check out, you’ll have a chance to review your elections and see your total cost. Save a summary of your elections to keep for your records.

If you prefer to enroll by phone, you can also contact the Mercer Marketplace 365+ dedicated Transamerica Benefits Center at 866-891-4274.

If you have questions, benefit counselors are available to advise and assist — from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT Monday through Friday. These hours give you access to support on the phone and through live online chat.

Benefits counselors can help answer any questions you may have or direct you to the appropriate resource. They can help you understand what benefits you’re eligible for, provide general information about your benefit options, answer questions about specific plans and guide you through the enrollment process. If you need to change your elections, you may do so within your new hire deadline provided by Mercer Marketplace.

Note: If you’ve enrolled dependents, you’ll need to submit verification documentation within 31 days of the date you enroll your dependent on Mercer Marketplace 365+. Adding a dependent to your profile does not add them to your benefits; you must elect benefits separately. If you do not submit dependent verification timely, your dependent will be removed from your benefits.